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I am 27 year old German native girl, right now living in Portland, Oregon on the beautiful west coast of the USA. I have a masters in history of arts and currently trying to get a food into the art auction sector. I am interested in art (who would have guessed), people, style, music, good books (oscar wilde for life!), nature, yoga, bowling, thrifting, and a lot more...figure it out!

Hi everyone

Check out my fresh and so clean WordPress blog. I would really like to have some comments/readers….otherwise it’s like talking to myself, isn’t it?! Advertisements

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Hello world!

Here I am. I am right now in Portland, Oregon (USA).  I am a 27 year old German girl, who spends a year on the breathtaking west coast.  Germany is oh so much different from the US, and I think … Continue reading

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